Hurricane Harvey Floods the Chuck Wagon Gang's Bus

Sep 7 | Posted by: Bombplates

Hurricane Harvey's path took him through Nashville last week and flooded the lot where the Gang has parked its bus for the past two years. The floodwaters destroyed the Gang's P.A. system (speakers, microphones, cables, control board; etc.) and all CDs/books/t-shirts, as well as causing damage to some interior and exterior components.   

The Gang is praying that insurance will reimburse the dollar amount necessary to replace what was lost and repair damage to the bus.  They are also looking to you for a few recommendations:

1.) If you or someone you know is employed by a music store from which they might rent a P.A. system, please email that person's contact info to 

2.) If you or someone you know is employed by a hotel chain from which they might be able to obtain discounted rates, please email that person's contact info to 

As always, the Gang is deeply appreciative of your support!

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